France: the Sorare game in the top of the ranking of non-fungible tokens

The Sorare game made 12,800 sales of non-fungible tokens in September.

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Some figures on NFTs

As the decentralized finance (DeFi) craze continues, another area is experiencing strong growth. This is the non-fungible token (NFT) industry.

More and more funds are invested in non-fungible tokens. 32,502 sales were made in September according to data aggregator . These sales represent a trading volume of $ 6.7 million.

Ranking of non-fungible tokens by volume in dollars – Source:

The average purchase price by NFT during the month of September is $ 146.33

During the past month, Sorare recorded 12,815 sales for a total of $ 825,352 in trading volume. The average price of Sorare cards is 64.41 dollars during the same period.

The biggest transaction is even $ 8,086 for a single player card

Ranking of Sorare transactions in terms of value –

Sorare is a fantasy soccer game where users can collect cards featuring professional players and use them to build their own squad.

Sorare comes in the form of a gaming platform that uses the blockchain to exchange player cards. Users can purchase digital cards in order to create teams that will compete in fantasy football competitions online.

Digital cards in the image of players can be bought, sold and traded. Thus, a Sorare card is a digital collector’s item that can increase in value thanks to its rarity or the performance of the player.